University adopts student web- and mobile-app-based program with parallel programming to help coaches and staff support ASU Hornets from the sidelines.

MORRISTOWN, NJ September 21, 2017 — Evolution Labs announced today that Alabama State University has adopted its SA360 platform as a required part of its student-athlete experience across all of its men’s and women’s NCAA teams. SA360 provides student-athletes with engaging mobile, app and web-based content on topics ranging from health and wellness to avoiding risk behavior, to assessing and improving their academic skills. Alabama State will also launch SA360 for Coaches and Staff, a parallel program delivers vital information to help staff.

ASU, which is one of the nation’s oldest Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), becomes the first of the HBCUs to join other top intercollegiate athletic departments that have integrated the platform into their core programming, including Texas Christian University, the University of New Hampshire, and the Elon University.

“The university and the athletic department are committed to fostering students’ success as scholars, athletes and citizens,” said Dr. Ronald Brown, Assistant Vice President at ASU. “SA360 uses smart technology to deliver content in a manner that’s more compelling and convenient to student-athletes, while enabling the athletic department to provide timely support and advice throughout the academic year. SA360 can help student-athletes whether they’re on campus or traveling to an away game.”

SA360 covers important success topics, including mental health, physical fitness, study and test-taking skills, time management skills, drug and alcohol use, sexual assault, NCAA compliance and career preparedness. It employs pulse surveys, social media, interactive self-tests and digital video to keep students returning for regular updates. In addition, the platform can be configured to work as part of an existing course or as an independent, required curriculum.

“ASU Hornets Athletics are extremely forward-thinking in their efforts to support student-athletes,” said Peter Kraft, CEO at Evolution Labs. “SA360 will enable ASU to strengthen its engagement with student-athletes and increase their likelihood of furthering their success both on and off the field.”

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