Web and mobile engagement platform from Evolution Labs arms students and parents for success.

MORRISTOWN, NJ July 28,  2017 — Amherst County Public Schools (ACPS) has announced plans to launch programming to help K-12 students navigate a range of issues, from online bullying to character development to social competency and emotional wellness. The district will launch a parallel program for parents. The programs are built on Evolution Labs’ Suite360 technology, a multi-faceted digital platform which leverages the web, mobile-app, and text messaging. Students and parents will be able to access the program by downloading an app or through a mobile-optimized website.

The Suite360 platform enables districts to offer a highly immersive content experience that can be tailored to individual schools and student cohorts within schools and grade levels. The programs use an array of content features, including expert-written topics, engaging videos, interactive self-tests and social media content. Program topics include: respecting diversity, stress management, avoiding risk behavior, nutrition, college prep and academic skills. The parent program, known as P360, helps parents explore similar subjects simultaneously, as well as topics such as understanding emotional development, and identifying and correcting risk behaviors.

“This platform offers ACPS an innovative approach to educating students on topics that improve their chances of success both inside and outside of the classroom,” said Dr. William Wells, Principal at Amherst County High School. “We are particularly excited about the platform’s potential to engage students in student development and in-school suspension programs. Suite360 offers these students an opportunity to learn more about the topics that challenge them, but also may inspire them to improve in other personal and academic areas.”

Suite360 delivers new topics throughout the year, via email, SMS and in-app messaging. Each month students complete a required topic, including a pre- and post- assessment to determine the extent to which they’ve absorbed the subject matter. In addition, the platform can deliver content to aid students (and parents) 24 x 7, providing an ‘always on’ supplement.

“ACPS is committed to removing the barriers that limit students’ academic success, including bullying, intolerance and violent behavior,” said Peter Kraft, Co-Founder at Evolution Labs. “We believe our Suite360 platform will set students, parents, and staff on a course of continuous improvement through engaging content that works within the demands of their already busy schedules.”

About Amherst County Public Schools
Amherst County Public Schools (ACPS) offers a student-centered academic program that focuses on the relationships between talented students and capable and caring teachers. Our goal, Every Child-Every Day emphasizes the development of students’ passions and abilities.  The cultural and economic diversity of our community, the teaching styles, and the approaches to learning are all essential to ACPS Academics. We believe that in today’s global world, our students need to know more than one culture, one history, and one language. ACPS offers a challenging curriculum for all students starting with our pre-school programs, through elementary, middle, and high school. We continue to expand programs that are geared toward active strategies that involve the students with each other and with the subject matter being studied. Students learn differently. To meet those different needs, our teachers are encouraged to offer students opportunities that support mastery of learning through portfolios, projects, presentations, and the traditional assessment format. The ultimate goal is for students to exit ACPS being prepared for college or a career in our community or abroad. Advanced Placement courses, as well as, Career and Technical offerings allow students to forge a path that is right for them. Whatever the path is chosen, a rigorous academic experience is available for all students. Instruction is rooted in the basics, yet encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning. Amherst County Public Schools is committed to supporting a student-centered academic program that contributes to a vibrant learning community.

About Evolution Labs
Evolution Labs is changing the way students engage with schools and the way schools engage with students. Its proprietary software platform helps high schools and colleges recruit, enroll and retain students and their parents (driving key institutional goals and student learning outcomes). The company’s Suite360 engagement platform provides institutions with technology and a highly immersive content experience to better connect with students while driving more successful educational outcomes. Learn more at  https://www.evpco.com.