What exactly is character development? In a nutshell, it’s teaching a kid how to be a good person. It’s also referred to as moral education. And K-12 schools are increasingly responsible for developing character of their students. Empathy, understanding, compassion, being a good listener, respect and honesty are all examples of character traits that schools work to develop in their students.

There’s a ton of evidence that character development has a direct relationship to academic achievement. Schools realize this now more than ever as research unequivocally supports the correlation. In other words, the better the person, the better the student performs academically.

So what’s the best way for schools to develop character in students? Well, it happens during every interaction between a student and a teacher. It’s those experiences that shape a young person’s character. Those conversations and engagements. But with Generation Z, schools need to evolve the way they develop character by “meeting them in their world.” Using web and mobile deployment of character development content can supplement and enhance a school’s efforts in these areas because most students prefer to engage and consume content online. Fighting that reality is a losing proposition.

Consider web and mobile tools to enhance character development of students. It’s another tool in your portfolio of services, and the content just might “click” better with students in this environment than in others. Sure, some of them may feel comfortable walking through a school office to have a conversation with a counselor about something that’s bothering them. But most won’t. So give them another way to consume character development content. And meet them in their world.