Most schools use a “Class of” Facebook page as a place for accepted students to connect. It’s a free way to create a community for Admits. But you get what you pay for. Schools don’t realize that these pages could be doing more harm than actually helping them drive yield.

Did you know that on these “Class of” pages on Facebook there are ads from competing schools in the right sidebar? Schools are buying ad impressions against your audience of accepted students. When they are most vulnerable. When they are about to make the most important decision of their lives. That’s not the environment you want your accepted students in.

Did you know it’s actually difficult for accepted students to connect with each other on “Class of” pages on Facebook? They can’t search the class by major, geography or area of interest.

Accepted students should be in an exclusive environment that drives connections to each other and to your school. Because pre-connections drive yield.

They should be able to connect easily, search by major/interests, and most important, not be solicited by competing schools after you’ve worked so hard to get them to this point.

Try a closed social community for accepted students, where you can control the experience, the messaging, and most important, eliminate competing schools.