Seeing this sign on a highway, most of us would slam on the breaks and find an alternate route to our destination.

Not some enrollment managers. Despite the warning signs that things will not end well if they continue in the same direction, they continue on anyway. It’s that time of year, after just bringing in the current class, when most enrollment professionals start all over again- and do things exactly the same way.

What are the warning signs for schools who continue to do the same things? What’s at the end of the road?

If enrollment continues to dwindle, that’s a danger sign to stop and change course;

If your discount rate continues to climb, that’s a danger sign;

If your yield is declining, that’s a danger sign;

If you’re not doing things to WOW your audience and break out of the clutter, that’s a danger sign.

Don’t blame the road. Yes, we know it’s full of potholes, but you’re the driver and at the end of the day (or road), it’s your navigation that determines where you’ll end up.

Look for the DANGER signs, slam on the breaks and pick an alternate route.