Silver Trail Middle School (FL), South Fort Myers High School (FL), Apollo Middle School (FL), Bergen County Technical Schools (NJ) and Morris County School of Technology (NJ) to launch web and mobile engagement platform designed to improve student and staff success and parent engagement.

MORRISTOWN, NJ September 17,  2017 — Evolution Labs announced today that more schools and districts from Florida and New Jersey will launch its Suite360 platform, developed to help students, parents, staff and administrators navigate a range of issues related to online bullying, character development, social competence, tactical parent support, emotional wellness, restorative justice and other areas. The highly customizable nature of the Suite360 platform will allow each school to tailor their approach and content to best serve their audiences based on demographics, concerns, and other factors to best fit their individual needs.

  • South Fort Myers High School and Morris County School of Technology will launch modules for students
  • Bergen County Technical Schools will launch modules for parents, administrators & staff
  • Silver Trail Middle School and Apollo Middle School, both of Broward County Public Schools, will launch modules for students, parents, and faculty & staff

The Suite360 platform enables districts and individual K-12 schools to offer a highly immersive content experience that can be tailored to students by grade and other attributes (ex. athletes, gender, at-risk, etc.). The programs use an array of content features, including short, expert-written topics, engaging videos, interactive self-tests and social media content. Users complete a required topic weekly, biweekly or monthly, which includes a pre- and post- assessment to determine learning outcomes. Program topics include: bullying/cyberbullying, understanding diversity, stress management, time management, substance abuse, nutrition, academic integrity, depression and many more. The parent program, known as P360, helps parents better understand social & emotional learning and character development so they may better identify and correct risk behaviors, becoming the best possible ally for the school. A360 for staff and administrators, targets staff with professional development content and sensitivity training. The platform delivers new topics throughout the year, via email, SMS and in-app messaging. In addition, users have 24/7 access to a vast content library that they can explore as needed.

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