Evolution Labs, Inc. announced today that Galesburg District #205 in Galesburg, Illinois has launched their Suite360 platform, developed to help students navigate a range of issues related to online bullying, character development, social competence, emotional wellness, and racial equity. The highly customizable nature of the Suite360 platform allows each school to tailor their approach and content to best serve their audiences based on demographics, concerns, and desired deployment strategies to best fit their individual needs.

Suite360 enables districts and individual K-12 schools to offer a highly immersive content experience that can be tailored to students by grade and other attributes (ex. student-athletes, gender, at-risk, etc…). The program uses an array of content features, including short, expert-written topics, engaging videos, interactive self-tests, and social media content. Program topics include bullying/cyberbullying, understanding diversity, stress management, time management, substance abuse, nutrition, academic integrity, depression, and many more. The platform delivers new topics throughout the year, keeping the program relevant and meaningful to all stakeholders. In addition, users have 24/7 access to a vast elective content library that they can explore as needed.

“CUSD #205 is thrilled to be dedicating personnel and resources to implementing a districtwide Social and Emotional Learning program. Our District SEL Steering Committee vetted several programs and ultimately chose Suite360 because we were so impressed with the relevance of Suite360’s videos and the interactive nature of the programming. This comprehensive curriculum will allow us to better serve the diverse needs of our student population.” – Mindi Ritchie, Director of Social Emotional Learning.

During stressful times, students, families, and staff can experience anxiety and panic, potentially compromising all the progress schools and districts have been making throughout the school year with social & emotional learning and character development.

Tracy Howe, co-founder of Evolution Labs said, “As schools and districts support their students during the Covid-19 Crisis, providing them with SEL resources is more important than ever. With the option of remote deployment, Suite360 is available to students at home or in school.”

About Evolution Labs
Evolution Labs improves student engagement and outcomes through its proprietary suite of tools for K-12 schools and districts, and Colleges and Universities. In K-12, the Company’s Suite360 program delivers Social & Emotional Learning and Restorative Programming to Students, with additional programs for Parents and Staff to better equip them to be the school/district’s ally. The Company’s S360 program helps K-12 Independent Schools drive enrollment and retention. In Higher Ed, the Company’s S360 program drives inquiries, applications, enrollment yield, and student wellness/success. The team at Evolution Labs has served the educational sector for over 20 years, working with thousands of schools and engaging millions of students. Learn more at https://evpco.com.