Evolution Labs announced today that K-12 schools and districts in Florida will launch its Suite360:Mental Health and Suite360:Prevention programs, developed to help students navigate a range of issues related to Mental health, substance abuse, and child trafficking prevention. As of December 1st, 2019, The Florida State Board of Education implemented mandates that require students to receive a minimum of 5 hours of mental health education, annually, for grades six through twelve. The child trafficking and substance abuse prevention mandates span kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Florida schools and districts must provide their students with preventative lessons after recent studies of social media impact on mental health have been released. The state is requiring the submittal of instruction plans, along with completion reports of this instruction. With Evolution Labs’ reporting dashboard, Schools and Districts are able to effortlessly generate reports to provide to the department of education.

Not only do the Suite360 programs exceed the state mandated requirements, they allow for versatility in deployment to fit the needs of students, schools, and districts. “Conceptualizing the optimal course of action to address this important issue was facilitated by Evolution Labs being proactive in meeting the needs of our students and teachers,” said Dr. Mark Malham, Coordinator of Special Projects at Martin County School District.

Some of the Florida districts implementing Suite360 include:
Palm Beach County Schools
Escambia County School District
Volusia County Schools
Martin County School District
Santa Rosa County District Schools

“We are thrilled to play an important role in helping Florida districts meet the state mandate,” said Tracy Howe, EVP and Co-Founder of Evolution Labs. “The incredible content in our programs has led us to this point of state-specific customization, and we commend Florida and its Districts for taking this important initiative around mental health, drug prevention and human trafficking awareness.”

“The Evolution Labs team has been instrumental in assisting us in bringing SEL to a new level in the Escambia County School District. The students are engaged in the curriculum because it is relevant to the issues they are facing everyday. We are seeing the Suite 360 curriculum positively impact our students on a daily basis. In addition, to the traditional Suite 360 programs, Evolution Labs has worked with our school district to create a comprehensive mental health curriculum based on the state of Florida mandate. This curriculum is easy to use, engaging to students, informative, and relevant to today’s youth mental health issues. As it is being implemented by the schools we are seeing a positive effect on our students’ mental health. The product also promotes accountability through pre- and post-tests, progress monitoring reports, student assignment report cards, and much more. On top of the curriculum, the customer service, technology support, and affordability of the product makes it, in my opinion, the best product on the market for schools wanting to implement SEL.” – Jeremy C. Tompkins, Coordinator of Student Engagement at Escambia County School District.

Suite360 enables districts and individual K-12 schools to offer a highly immersive content experience that can be tailored to class cohorts. The programs use an array of content features, including short, expert-written content, engaging videos and interactive self-tests. Students complete a required topic/lesson, including a pre- and post-assessment, which measures learning outcomes. Suite360:Mental Health and Suite360:Prevention include grade appropriate content, along with plans to H.E.L.P.™ others and A.C.T.™ for themselves.

About Evolution Labs
Evolution Labs improves student engagement and outcomes through its proprietary suite of tools for K-12 schools and districts, and Colleges and Universities. In K-12, the Company’s Suite360 program delivers Social & Emotional Learning and Restorative Programming to Students, with additional programs for Parents and Staff to better equip them to be the school/district’s ally. The Company’s S360 program helps K-12 Independent Schools drive enrollment and retention. In Higher Ed, the Company’s S360 program drives inquiries, applications, enrollment yield and student wellness/success. The team at Evolution Labs has served the educational sector for over 20 years, working with thousands of schools and engaging millions of students. Learn more at https://evpco.com.