Web and mobile engagement platform from Evolution Labs is designed to help students inside and outside of the classroom and help administrators and staff navigate sensitive issues.

MORRISTOWN, NJ August 8,  2017 — Waynesboro Area Middle School in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania is launching a new program from Evolution Labs designed to help middle school students at Waynesboro Area Middle School deal with a range of issues, from social media to drug and alcohol use to social competence, emotional wellness, and character development. The school will launch parallel programs for parents as well. The programs, which will launch this summer, are built on Evolution Labs’ Suite360 technology, a multi-faceted digital platform which leverages web, mobile-app and mobile messaging. Students, parents, and staff will access the program by downloading an app or via a mobile-optimized website.

The Suite360 platform enables districts and individual K-12 schools to offer a highly immersive content experience that can be tailored to class cohorts. The programs use an array of content features, including short, expert-written topics, engaging videos, interactive self-tests and social media content. Program topics include: violent relationships, diversity, stress management, substance abuse, healthy eating and academic integrity. The parent program, known as Suite360 Parents, helps parents explore similar subjects simultaneously, as well as topics such as understanding emotional development and identifying and correcting risk behaviors.

“Suite360 promises to educate students about important issues that do not always receive the attention they deserve within a traditional middle school classroom environment,” said Aaron Taylor, Principal at Waynesboro Area Middle School. “We will also learn a great deal about our students through their engagement, which will help us refine and expand the success-centric content we deliver to both our students and parents.”

The platform delivers new topics throughout the year, via email, SMS and in-app messaging. Each month, students complete a required topic, including a pre- and post- assessment to determine the extent to which they’ve absorbed the subject matter.

“Suite360’s compelling content and feature-set ensure that students engage in key materials with a high level of knowledge retention.” said Peter Kraft, Co-Founder at Evolution Labs. “Our proprietary assessment engine provides staff with a ‘360-degree’ view into the learning outcomes of the program, while our ‘pulse-survey’ and live chat features enable staff to quickly identify students at risk so they can be more responsive to these students as well as the student body at large.”

About Waynesboro Area School District
The Waynesboro Area School District is a midsized, suburban public school district located in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The District is one of the 500 public school districts in Pennsylvania. For more information please visit: http://www.wasd.k12.pa.us.

About Evolution Labs
Evolution Labs is changing the way students engage with schools and the way schools engage with students. Its proprietary software platform helps high schools and colleges recruit, enroll and retain students and their parents (driving key institutional goals and student learning outcomes). The company’s Suite360 engagement platform provides institutions with technology and a highly immersive content experience to better connect with students while driving more successful educational outcomes. Learn more at https://www.evpco.com.