Custom web and mobile programs that drive inquiries, apps, yield and student success for colleges & universities.


Custom web and mobile programs that drive inquiries, apps, yield and student success for colleges & universities.


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Our higher education platform, known as S360, helps colleges and universities achieve a wide array of institutional goals, from improving the quality and quantity of your prospect pool to increasing yield, engaging parents and driving student success and wellness. Our approach, however, is unconventional, because prospective students (and their parents) no longer explore and engage with schools the same way anymore.

Today, prospective students are more interested in what real students have to say than they are in hearing what the school has to say.

That paradigm shift in prospective and current student engagement requires a new approach for connecting and servicing students and their families. Many methods used by schools for years are simply no longer effective.

Introducing S360: a new holistic, turnkey experience that drives student interest, engagement and outcomes.

S360: Enrollment Programs
There are 2 enrollment programs or “modules” in S360 that are purposely built to drive inquiries, applications and enrollment yield. The programs are custom-built, web and mobile web applications that drive richer engagement for prospects, and deeper insights for schools.

Purchasing more names isn’t the answer to driving enrollment. The answer is a lot simpler (and a lot less expensive). By giving suspects/prospects a more authentic look into what it’s really like at your school, they don’t feel marketed to. They feel a sense of belonging. S360:Recruit is designed to drive suspect-to-prospect (inquiry) conversion, and does so at much higher conversion rates (and far more cost-effectively) that traditional search strategies most schools still use today.

As prospects move through a more engaging funnel, S360:Recruit focuses on driving the next conversion metric: inquiry-to-application conversion. Driving applications doesn’t have to be an unpredictable effort. It can and should be calculated, measurable and provide rich insights to your enrollment team to help them make better enrollment decisions.

And finally, accepted students are invited into a closed, social and community experience with their prospective future classmates and current students from your school. This experience drives passion and affinity toward your school through human connections, and driving deposits, reducing summer melt and increasing/shaping your next and best incoming class.

Each S360 Module is designed to operate independently or together. This way, you can address only certain points in your enrollment funnel, or drastically improve the entire process.

At the core of S360 is a rich and engaging experience centered around student ambassador videos. You already know that prospect and student-ambassador interaction creates excitement about your school. Now you can extend that reach further into the digital enrollment cycle.

Remember when every school had to have a virtual tour on their website?

Higher Education

Now it’s Virtual Ambassadors.

Prospective students are not into professional video production anymore. Now they want to see a typical “day in the life” of a student at your school.

Let’s put our marketing egos aside and think about it from a prospective student’s perspective. Who would provide you with a more authentic view about what it’s really like at a school? An admissions counselor or a current student?

You’re right. Current students (student ambassadors who have been vetted by you to represent the school well) are your best asset, and their reach can be far greater and more impactful than you are currently empowering them to do.

Virtual Ambassadors involves the production of a series of videos- shot on student ambassador’s phones, that tell a story about your school that only they can tell. Most of our clients will have 10-12 student ambassadors participating in the program, and each one shoots 10-12 videos on their phones. Our production team at Evolution Labs works with you to select the ambassadors for this program, and then:

We guide our schools to select a nice spectrum of student ambassadors for the program. Geographic and ethnic diversity, different majors, interest in clubs/organizations, and a mix of lower/upper classmen/women would make up the diversity for ambassadors .

Many schools will also include international students in the Virtual Ambassador program, and even recent graduates (who shoot their videos in “the real world, post-college.”)

Sample Virtual Ambassador Questions

Our team works with your school to develop a series of questions we want the ambassadors to answer on video. For example:

  • What was your first week like freshman year?
  • How did you end up choosing your major?
  • How did you prepare for your transition into college?
  • How do you usually spend your weekends during the semester?
  • What is the role of student ambassadors?
  • How did you know your school was the right choice for you?

Additionally, student ambassadors are encouraged to create surprise videos that provide an even deeper, more authentic look into your school. For example:

  • Get a random person or group on campus to answer a question.
  • Drop in on a favorite professor and ask him/her a question.
  • “Take us” to your favorite place on campus.
  • Give a tour of your dorm room.
  • “Take us” to a fun event.

“I love the way Drew let’s real students tell their story. Every other school is sending emails about how great they are, but these videos made me feel like I already knew people at Drew and was already part of their community. And now I am.”

While the virtual ambassador videos are a key element of S360 programs, there are other, game-changing program features that drive outstanding enrollment results for schools.

Why do we also call GenZ the “Netflix Generation”? Because they’ve grown up in a world of customization and expect their content feed and experience to be unique to them.

Old model:

“My friends and I all got the same message from that school. All they did was change out our first name.”

New model:

“I love how I can pick my own topics to explore and customize my experience with Angelo State.”

S360 program feature descriptions

Dynamic Discovery Engine™ customized content feed Enables colleges to deploy content that’s most relevant to each individual user based on interests and characteristics, such as year in school, gender, major & career interests and more.
Content Curation/Harvesting Our content team curates and harvests content from your website, then tags and loads it into the Dynamic Discovery Engine. Content is fed to users based on their interests (they no longer have to sift through your entire website to find what they’re looking for).
Custom editorial/content development Our content experts craft original material from a fresh perspective, then layer it in to your S360 program. You approve it all, and also get rights to the content we create to use in your other marketing outreach.
Custom campaign development Using virtual ambassador videos and all the other program features as leverage, we create original campaigns for your school that drive heightened interest and engagement from prospective students.
Web, mobile-web and app engagement (multi-channel user environment) Available on any web-enabled device, responsively designed. We introduce your custom app version of S360 in the Yield module.
UPeers private social community (connect with and search peers by major, interests, location) Starting in the S360:Yield module, UPeers is a closed, social community for your accepted students. It drives connections with their future classmates and increases yield. (most schools don’t use the Facebook “Class of” page anymore… because prospective students aren’t on FB anymore:)
Aggregated social media feeds (curated and official feeds) Just as we curate content from your website, we also curate official AND unofficial social media feeds. These get published in your S360 program to increase the user-generated content experience.
Accepties™/Selfies Yup. Sometimes they just want to brag. Visiting students (and Accepted students, in the Yield Module) can snap a selfie and customize it with professionally designed photo filters of your school.
Pulse Surveys One-question surveys provide deep insight into prospective students interests and concerns, equipping you to have richer and more targeted conversations unique to them (not to all).
Friend-finder, roommate-finder This feature can be customized to your needs, and builds connections between prospective students (S360 data demonstrates that these connections drive yield).
Links to resources, CTAs (apps, deposits, etc…) Every facet of S360 drives them to YOUR calls to action. It’s another, more compelling way to get them there.


A CRM can be a great way to store data and create campaigns, but it’s not a true-engagement solution. In all our focus groups with students around the country, not once have we heard a prospective student say, “I like the way they’re using their CRM to communicate with me.”

Some schools will ‘customize’ their outbound CRM communication by inserting {{first name}} or {{major}} variables, and that’s about the extent of it. But teens are savvy. They know you’ve sent that same message to thousands of other kids and just changed the name. Do you feel special when you get messages like that? Your audience doesn’t, either.

Here’s a fun fact: EVERY S360 SCHOOL ALSO HAS A CRM.

CRMpathy™; the sad realization that your CRM really won’t make much of an impact driving engagement and enrollment.

Yes a CRM is needed, but no, it’s not doing much to break your school out of the clutter.

With S360, prospective students get to follow and connect with real students, select the content they want, and connect with/explore your school on their terms (just like they do in every other content experience they engage…Netflix, Social Media, etc…). And as they interact with S360, the platform adapts to their individual interests and preferences. Does your CRM do this?

S360 CONTENT: a 360° approach

Our approach to content in S360 provides students with the five types of perspectives they are looking for:

  • Peer-to-peer content: Content and advice offered by current students (e.g., student ambassadors or peer mentors). Peer-provided content–whether in person or online–has become such a key influencer among Millennials and Generation Z that it may well be as significant a factor as parental influence.
  • Self-selected content: Students provide information about their interests–including clubs, activities and programs of study that interest them.
  • Suggested content: Based on what S360 gleans from the range of data sources available as well as their behavior in the S360 program; thus, S360 considers how a student appears “on paper” and in real-life through day-to-day interactions with the program.
  • Curated content: “Official” admissions messaging, yet delivered within a “quilted” content experience incorporating the three content areas above.
  • Custom Content: Our take on your school. Sometimes we can see some of the amazing things about your school that you just aren’t “wowed” with anymore.

There are also versioning capabilities to segment content for international students, transfers, adult/online learners and graduate students.


You’ve probably noticed that most enrollment management partners you’ve met with share similar mantras – We’ll help YOU increase apps, increase yield, increase visits, etc.

Our approach? We help THEM (the prospective student) come to their own conclusion about your school (of course, with the guidance of S360). The difference in these two strategies produces enormous outcomes.

Again, this is partly a matter of enrollment and marketing experts putting their egos aside and considering a paradigm shift:

Higher Education

Will sending campaigns through my new, expensive CRM drive enrollment for us? Or should we approach our goals differently?

It’s time to think differently to drive enrollment. To get what YOU want, you have to give them what THEY want. You’ve probably noticed that most enrollment management partners you’ve met with share similar mantras – We’ll help YOU increase apps, increase yield, increase visits, etc. Our approach? We help THEM (the prospective student) come to their own conclusion about your school (of course, with the guidance of S360). The difference in these two strategies produces enormous outcomes. Again, this is partly a matter of enrollment and marketing experts putting their egos aside and considering a paradigm shift:

Your CRM doesn’t help you break out of the clutter. Your students do.

EVERY school is blasting prospective students. That’s not the way to break out of the clutter, that’s the way to get LOST in the clutter. Let your students- your best assets – tell your story. It’s what prospective students want.


Our clients include not-for-profit public and private colleges and universities around the country. Liberal arts, large state schools, technical colleges, faith-based institutions, and more.

Ready to learn more? Let’s meet. We’ll visit campus and engage you and your team in a thoughtful, creative dialogue about new ways to drive enrollment for your school.

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