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for K-12 Independent Schools

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S360 for K-12 Independent Schools

After 20 years of helping more than 500 colleges and universities drive enrollment with our S360 program, we are excited to introduce S360 for K-12 Independent Schools. The technology and strategy are the same; we’ve learned that prospective students want a more authentic view into life at your school, and there’s no one better to provide that than your current students. 

Our team at Evolution Labs works with your school to identify and select a team of student ambassadors to answer a series of questions in video format, on their phones. This meets prospective students- and their parents- in the digital world, and helps drive connections… that drive enrollment. 

Think of S360 as a custom microsite that lives on your existing website. It offers a richer, more engaging experience for both prospective students – and their families. 

Today, prospective students are more interested in what real students have to say than they are in hearing what the school has to say.

S360 for K-12 Independent Schools includes:

Virtual Ambassador Video Series
The experts at Evolution Labs work with your school to select and direct student ambassadors to shoot videos on their phones answering a series of questions we develop. The questions (and answers) are designed to provide a unique perspective on your school- as told by real students. For example:

How did you choose [your school]?

Any tips for the admissions interview?

Any tips for writing the admissions essay?

What is your favorite class?

What campus activities are you involved in?

How challenging are the classes?

What colleges are you thinking about applying to?

The student ambassadors answer these questions on video (on their own phones) in 30 second – 1 minute clips. The videos then get uploaded into the S360 engine and provide the authentic story prospective students are hungry for.

Parent Information Section
Designed just for parents, this section of S360 answers the questions parents most frequently ask, and also include parent ambassador videos. Parent Ambassadors answer questions about school climate, academic rigor, safety, character development and more.

Calls to Action
The primary purpose of S360 is to drive prospective students more effectively through your enrollment funnel, driving inquiries, applications, deposits and of course, enrollment. Throughout the S360 microsite the program offers numerous links to your resources (visit link, apply link, deposit link, etc…). These actions exceed typical calls to action on your website because prospective students are more motivated after watching student ambassador videos. The videos drive connection to your school. And those connections drive enrollment.

Campaign Engine
The S360 campaign engine supports the program with proactive outreach, using the ambassador videos as leverage. Current students are a school’s best assets, and there’s no one better to tell the story (and excite prospective students) more than them. Campaigns are developed to match your school’s branding and drive students into your S360 program. Using intuitive behavioral marketing, the campaigns use email outreach in far more effective ways than simply “blasting” prospective students with the same message.

Student Profile Pages
Prospective students are able to fill out- and update their personal profile page, where they can describe their interests, but also describe their level of interest in your school. This provides insight to your Admissions team, helping schools better marshal their efforts and have more meaningful and personal conversations with prospective students and their families.

Countdown Timers
These timers create a sense of urgency for prospective students and families to take action. This urgency is also supported through the S360 Campaign engine, reminding students as deadlines approach. These “digital nudges” help drive attendance at visit days, and also drive volume of applications and deposits.

To schedule a demonstration of S360 for Independent Schools, contact Tracy Howe at thowe@wp.evpco.com or fill out the form below to schedule a meeting or webinar.

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