It’s amazing how savvy teens are these days. We did a focus group recently and a young lady (Sarah, a junior in high school) said, “I want to be an Outlier.” (I think she had just read Gladwell’s book and it was on her mind). “But schools who are sending me stuff are all doing the same thing. So if they can’t break out of the clutter, why should I expect to be an outlier if I go to their school?”

Wow. That was deep. Here’s the take away…

Prospective students are looking at everything schools do to break out of the clutter (or not). And the lesson goes deeper. Doesn’t your school expect students to think differently and ask probing questions? Isn’t that part of a great learning experience? Don’t you want your prospective students to be just as discerning?

Let me get this straight, then…

You want your current students to be creative thinkers.

You want prospective students who are creative thinkers.

So why are you marketing to students the same old way?

Lead by example, and do things differently. Take it from Sarah and be an Outlier.