K-12 schools partner with Evolution Labs to utilize ISS360 platform for restorative justice, suspension, detention and behavior intervention.

Evolution Labs' ISS360 Digital Behavior Intervention Platform for K-12 Schools Grows Nationwide

MORRISTOWN, NJ — K-12 schools nationwide continue to launch Evolution Labs’ digital platform for positive behavior intervention, known as ISS360. The web and mobile program delivers specific intervention content, often used during suspension and detention to guide students on their path to restorative justice. School and districts that have recently launched ISS360 include:

  • Grover Beach Elementary School (CA)
  • Lake Orion High School (MI)Robichaud High School (MI)
  • Fenville Middle School (MI)
  • Violetville Elementary/Middle School #226 (MD)
  • Southwood Elementary School (OH)
  • Midland Park Public Schools (NJ)
  • Alhambra High School (CA)
  • New Buffalo Area Schools (MI)
  • Centennial Middle School (AZ)
  • Garden City High School (MI)
  • Lehigh Senior High School (FL)
  • Ware County School District (GA)
  • LaSalle Peru High School (IL)

With ISS360, school administrators are equipped to support students with a range of issues from cyberbullying, sexual harassment and social competence to drug and alcohol use, lateness, plagiarism and disrespectful behavior. Schools can assign topics based on student need, and assignments include stories to model positive behavior, essay prompts encouraging student reflection, pre- and post-tests to assess comprehension, and data reports to track student progress. The multichannel platform is available for all mobile and desktop devices.

ISS360 can be delivered as a standalone program or bundled with Evolution Lab’s complete Suite360 offerings for K-12 schools and districts, including social emotional learning for students, a parent education program and sensitivity training for staff.

An overview video is available at evpco.com/k-12/overview.

About Evolution Labs

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