Because it makes a lot of sense. PPY (Prior-Prior-Year) is a smart move. And I’m not going to write about what it is (because anyone reading this should already know). So let’s talk about the impact it’s going to have on your business processes, PJ requests and even enrollment.

I’m predicting some big changes:

  1. WAY more questions from students and families about FAFSA. Not so much about the form itself, just the volume of questions because more students will be filling it out;
  2. WAY more Professional Judgement requests, because family income can change significantly year to year, especially in election years;
  3. LOWER Yield, because schools will be more confused (than they currently are) about who to accept;
  4. LOWER enrollment, as a result of all the above, despite more students filling out FAFSA and applying.

What to do, what to do?

Get prepared. You’re either already on top of it and have had the discussions to prepare your team for what’s coming, or you better kick it up a notch and have those discussions now.

Be Flexible. Know that your team is going to have to “flex” to accommodate the coming changes. Rigidity is a really bad idea.

Don’t Panic. It’s all good. Just different. And a lot more volume. Talk to your team about embracing the change, and you’ll be a master at PPY in no time.

But don’t be misled. Volume of work doesn’t necessarily equate to increased enrollment.