MORRISTOWN, N.J. (PRWEB) January 10, 2020 —

Suite360:Intervention is the nation’s premier behavioral Intervention program that schools and districts around the country are using as a supplement- and in some cases, as a replacement for suspension or detention. Calexico Unified School District in California is using Suite360 for Restorative Practices to help turn student infractions into a learning experience and better equip them to make smarter choices moving forward.

For many students who commit infractions, detention and suspension is almost a welcome reprieve, as they typically miss class and complete ‘busy’ work that does not pertain to their offense or infraction. Suite360:Intervention immerses students in infraction-related content. The program includes a “making amends” section that requires the student to complete a reflection statement and sign a digital pledge. “Suite360 gives students a chance to learn from their actions. Students complete informative lessons, write reflection statements, and pledge to make better decisions.” – Elisa Ramirez, Assistant Superintendent, Calexico Unified School District

Suite360:Intervention lessons vary in length and can be customized to the student, infraction, or repeat offense. The lessons are often used in Tier Intervention, and can be completed in school, or at home on any web-enabled device. The Suite360 Intervention lesson library includes hundreds of lessons covering infractions such as: – Drugs, Alcohol, and Vaping – Bullying and Cyberbullying – Digital Citizenship – Tardiness and Absenteeism – Respect – Racial Tolerance – Fighting and Aggression – Sexual Misconduct – Academic Integrity – LBGTQ Equity and Tolerance

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Evolution Labs improves student engagement and outcomes through its proprietary suite of tools for K-12 schools and districts, and Colleges and Universities. In K-12, the Company’s Suite360 program delivers Social & Emotional Learning and Restorative Programming to Students, with additional programs for Parents and Staff to better equip them to be the school/district’s ally. The Company’s S360 program helps K-12 Independent Schools drive enrollment and retention. In Higher Ed, the Company’s S360 program drives inquiries, applications, enrollment yield and student wellness/success. The team at Evolution Labs has served the educational sector for over 20 years, working with thousands of schools and engaging millions of students. Learn more at