SUNY Geneseo Launches S360 Digital Engagement Platform from Evolution Labs

Since partnering with Evolution Labs to deploy the S360 engagement program, SUNY Geneseo has launched the mobile web platform for admits & will soon launch prospect and parent programs.

MORRISTOWN, NJ — Evolution Labs announced today that SUNY Geneseo has launched its S360™ engagement product, nicknamed Geneseo360, to change the way prospects, admits and parents experience the college recruitment and post-acceptance periods.

S360 enables colleges and universities to immerse prospective, admitted and current students and their parents in highly engaging web, mobile, and app-based experiences designed to foster a meaningful affinity between student, parent, and school, thereby driving the student to enroll and persist.

S360’s highly individualized content is tailored to the criteria and interests that students find most relevant to their own college search – from academics and faculty to campus location, as well as size and personality of the school. As admits learn more about SUNY Geneseo through expert-written topics, engaging videos and surveys, they can also interact with and “shadow” current students, view official as well as unofficial social media feeds and share their interest in the university by connecting program features with their preferred social networks — all on a single platform.

S360 also utilizes a proprietary algorithm designed to determine propensity of admits on a multifaceted spectrum that considers academic, financial and lifestyle fit. Engagement insights are delivered back to the school in real time, arming them to make better communication and enrollment decisions.

SUNY Geneseo Launches S360 Digital Engagement Platform from Evolution Labs

About Evolution Labs
Evolution Labs is changing the way students engage with schools and the way schools engage with students. Its proprietary software platform helps high schools and colleges recruit, enroll and retain students and their parents (driving key institutional goals and student learning outcomes). The company’s Suite360 engagement platform provides institutions with technology and a highly immersive content experience to better connect with students while driving more successful educational outcomes. The team at Evolution Labs has served the educational sector for over 20 years, making meaningful connections with millions of students, parents, administrators, faculty and staff.