We all know Millennials, and now Generation Z are tech savvy. Well guess what? They also are becoming smarter about demonstrated interest and how important it is to admissions officers at colleges. Sure, some of them have known for years how to show their interest by requesting information, visiting campus and scheduling interviews, but they also know there are many more ways to demonstrate their interest through online and social media activity. The problem is, schools don’t have the ability to track that sort of behavior and as a consequence, are missing out on additional factors that could help differentiate kids who really want to come from those who may not.

By adding web and mobile tools to engage prospective students, they have more opportunities to explore your school AND show interest. And that means you also have more insight on their interests and engagement, and can consider those factors in your “demonstrated interest” bucket.

When we do focus groups with prospective college students, they constantly tell us things like, “schools should be more technically sophisticated than us, but it just doesn’t feel like they are.”

You know what? They’re right. Step up your game and WOW them with your brilliance.