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Vaping Prevention

Suite360 has been delivering Vaping Prevention lessons to K-12 students for 4 years. Even in this fairly limited time, new findings have emerged about the dangers and long-term effects of vaping.

Ergo, Suite360 lessons on Vaping Prevention are constantly updated (even lessons as recent as a year ago are partly outdated). To learn more about how Suite360 addresses Vaping Prevention, review the following information and schedule a Suite360 demo below.

Suite360 Vaping Prevention

Have you wondered what vaping is? Have you ever seen someone holding a device that looks like a pen, that they breathe vapors from? This is vaping or using electronic cigarettes. Vaping may look like an interesting activity, and it might seem safer than smoking. In many ways, though, vaping can be just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.

Vaping prevention begins with an understanding of what vaping is and the risks associated with it.

Some teens believe that vaping is healthier than cigarettes. However, there is no long-term research on the effects of vaping, because it is new, so there is no way of knowing what the effects will be on the human body. Vaping prevention begins with knowledge.

Students believe vaping is safe because it does not use tobacco, and you can use liquids that don’t contain nicotine either. However, most e-liquids contain different poisons that cause harm to your heart and lungs.

What Should I Know About the Dangers of Vaping?

The chemicals in the e-liquids are not safe. When heated, they may create cancer-causing chemicals, the same way burning tobacco creates them.

Vaping on a regular basis may impede your ability to heal from wounds.

Vaping regularly may induce “vaping cough,” when your lungs respond to pollutants that are breathed in repeatedly.

Vaping does not help smokers quit.

Partly because of the fruity flavors available, vaping has increased teen smoking to over 20%.

Toxic metals are present in e-cigarettes.

What’s the bottom line about vaping?

We just don’t know enough about e-cigarettes to understand the long-term effects on the human body. We do know that e-cigarette liquid contains harmful poisons. On top of that, repeatedly breathing anything besides clean air is going to hurt your lungs.

Vaping prevention begins with knowledge. And now that you know, don’t vape. It’s just not cool. 

Vaping Prevention