Bradley University, University of Tampa, Marist College and Pace University see excellent results from their innovative S360 initiatives.

MORRISTOWN, NJ October 4, 2017 — Evolution Labs announced today that several of its university partners are seeing material improvements in key enrollment metrics since their launch of the company’s S360 platform. S360 is a highly immersive web and mobile platform designed to increase student inquiries, apps, yield, and persistence. It provides schools with “student-centric” content to help them build a closer bond with prospective students while giving administrators data points to help drive their one-to-one follow up efforts, both online and offline.

Some S360 schools seeing record enrollment:

  • Bradley University
  • University of Tampa
  • Marist College
  • Pace University

“We are proud to be able to announce successful results for our clients and continue to play a central role in their enrollment management strategy going forward,” said Peter Kraft, CEO, and Co-founder at Evolution Labs. “We believe that the strong relationships we’ve built with clients over the years, and the fact that we see many of them expanding their use of S360 to other parts of their enrollment management initiatives is testament to the efficacy of our platform.”

S360 provides prospective, admitted and current students with highly individualized content tailored to the criteria and interests they find most relevant to their own college search – from academics and faculty to campus location, as well as size and personality of the school. As prospects, admits and parents explore an institution through expert-written topics and engaging videos and surveys, they can also interact and “shadow” current students, view official as well as unofficial social media feeds and share their interest in a school by connecting program features with their preferred social networks – all on a single platform. S360 also utilizes a proprietary algorithm designed to determine propensity of prospects and admits on a multifaceted spectrum that considers academic, financial and lifestyle fit. Engagement insights are delivered back to the school in real time, arming them to make better communication and enrollment decisions. In addition, the company’s SA360 program provides NCAA student-athletes with the skills they need to thrive inside and outside of the classroom.  All platform modules deliver new topics throughout the year via email, SMS and in-app messaging.

About Evolution Labs
Evolution Labs is changing the way students engage with schools and the way schools engage students. Its proprietary software platforms help schools recruit, enroll and retain students, as well as their parents (driving inquiries, apps, yield and retention). The company’s solutions provide institutions with technology and a highly immersive content experience to better connect with students while driving more successful educational outcomes. The team at Evolution Labs has served the educational sector for over 20 years, making meaningful connections with millions of students, parents, administrators, faculty and staff.

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